Meet Anam Rivzi

Meet Anam Rizi, who at 17, won a silver medal at the Google Science Fair with her great idea “Automating the Diagnosis of Heart Conditions”. Combining her passion for science and entrepreneurship, she is now pursuing a degree in biomechanical engineering at the University of Alberta and is taking her science fair idea to the next level; turning it into a real product that can be used by everyone. What’s not to like?
In May of 2013, we had a chance to talk to her about her Science Fair project in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The Google Science Fair is for ages 13-18, with 90 regional finalists competing from around the world, and only 4 coming from Canada. Anam was one of the finalists, winning a silver medal for her project in Heart Monitoring and we were lucky enough to chat with her while she was presenting her project.

Anam said, that Canada Wide Science Fair, and the Google Science Fair was an amazing experience and being able to see the connections and innovations from people all over the world using science and technology was both inspiring and humbling.
This year we caught up with Anam to find out what she has been doing since then; her journey, successes and what drives her to continue to move forward with science and her amazing project.
At the University of Alberta, Anam is pursuing a degree in biomechanical engineering, a career that designs new devices and technologies for the medical field.  In addition, she is working extensively with Salu Design Group, an organization that aims “to unify and empower users, i.e. the general public, while integrating medical professionals in order to realize a better health care system.” (Source)
The Salu Design group is a synergistic team of professionals from medicine, engineering, industrial design, computer science and business. By working with this group, Anam hopes to learn more about our healthcare system and continue to develop her Google science fair idea from concept to a real product!
The project that she developed originally for science fair focuses on predicting arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats) with the help of a computer, which could allow people  to monitor their own health better than ever. The technology measures heart beats, transmits a signal to a computer, and Anam’s software will analyze results, allowing anyone to monitor their health as efficiently and conveniently as possible.
This scenario is great for collaborative work, as Anam says that working at Salu is an amazing opportunity to work with individuals from different backgrounds, and that by having a variety of people question the different projects and process to get a job done, it makes things more interesting.
In the future, Anam hopes to continue with her studies and work with Salu. She spoke about what excited her most in being part of entrepreneurial activities, and highlighted the opportunity to control every aspect of the project, work for yourself, set your own goals and celebrate your accomplishments when you achieve them.
We look forward to seeing what is in store for Anam, and the great things she will accomplish in the coming years.
Her advice to all you aspiring scientists and entrepreneurs out there? Stay optimistic, see everything, talk to everyone, be a sponge, continually think of new ideas, never stop;where you are is just the beginning.
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