Meet geekStarter’s 2018-2019 High-School and Middle-School Teams

We are excited to welcome our 2018-2019 middle-school and high-school teams and wish them good luck on their projects!

This returning team is working on several projects with their local community: a) A football tackle robot to reduce player injury and collect data to inform coaching ; b) A bear robot decoy to train protection dogs at oil sand sites; c) Using underwater drones to monitor invasive species in waterways; d) Using drones to create 3D images from above for media and emergency services; e) Using robotics to animate stage props for a local theater production.

The girls on the robotics team at Father Mercredi HS in Fort McMurray

This returning team based at University of Lethbridge will start recruiting new members and launch its 2019 iGEM activities soon. The goal of their 2018 iGEM project was the removal of heavy metal contaminants from tailings ponds and wastewater using synthetic biology. 

This new team plans to build a robotic dog to scare birds and animals away from gardens and farm land.

This returning team will continue to work on their synthetic biology solution for breaking down fatty buildup in sewage pipes, while developing their skills and training their new team members. The team has recently hosted a Parents Night Synthetic Biology Celebration.

Team members teach girl guides wet lab skills

Student team members deliver What is Syn Bio Seminar

The team also hosted the High River Girls Guides as part of their science badge, and taught them about bacteria and synthetic biology. The students used the Amino Labs Canvas Kit to paint with bacteria and immortalized their work using the Amino Labs Keep-It Kit so that they could take them home.

This returning team will continue to work on a solution for tagging and sorting out plastics at recycling facilities with a focus on the robotics component.

This new team plans to build a robotics platform to assist with forest fire management.

This returning team will continue to work on designing and building a litter picker robot for public spaces e.g park or school yard.

This new team plans to build a robotic device to help people with mobility issues.