Richard Berry

Team mentor, Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy in Canmore, Robotics

Richard learned how to program at Blackburn College in the days of punch cards and mainframe computers; the first language he learned was COBOL. After completing his programming course in Blackburn, he joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) and worked in avionics for several years before moving to flight simulation.

After leaving the RAF, he started working in the oil and gas industry, first as an underwater ROV pilot/technician before finding his calling in the field of Logging While Drilling (LWD). Richard worked as an LWD engineer in the North Sea region and then became the LWD operations manager for Sperry Drilling (now Halliburton) in Nigeria.

Richard loves technology; being a geekStarter mentor keeps his technical skills fresh and helps him gain a fresh perspective on today’s challenges. With over thirty years experience in a variety of engineering roles, Richard has seen a diverse range of problems and technologies; he enjoys sharing his problem solving rationale and his practical experiences with young innovators.