Christian Emond

Renert School SynBio

Christian is currently a fourth-year cellular, molecular, and microbial biology (honors) student at the University of Calgary. He first joined the iGEM Calgary team in 2018 and returned as a leader of the 2019 team. Following the success of the 2019 iGEM Calgary project he hopes to pursue an entrepreneurial avenue towards a startup company. Christian’s involvement with both the experimental and human practices sides of iGEM has inspired him to promote the holistic integration of influences from all disciplines into research.

“My involvement in iGEM, with support from geekStarter, has fostered my passion for synthetic biology and entrepreneurship, which has given me direction in life. I believe the most innovative ideas come from the minds of passionate people enabled by community support. My iGEM experience has been transformative and I want to share the same experience with the next generation of students. Ultimately, I became a mentor to support a community of innovators that will undoubtedly shape the future of the world.”