MindFuel’s geekStarter program is a project-based education program, which engages students in finding real-world challenges and building solutions based in emerging STEM fields such as synthetic biology, nanotechnology, new generation robotics and automation. Mentors are an integral part of the program by providing critical support, experience and knowledge to geekStarter teams. Through Mentorship, geekStarter teams are being engaged and encouraged to develop their own skills and capabilities that lead to tangible real world experiences and applications.

2018-19 Mentors

MindFuel and geekStarter would like to acknowledge and thank our current mentors who work tirelessly to provide guidance, and inspire and encourage curious young minds. Check out our mentors biographies below.

Richard Berry

Robert Mayall

Sydnee Calhoun

Emily Hicks

Chris Isaac

Vimal Bhandari

Eiden Yoshida

Ethan Agena

Luke Saville

Dennis Kim

Sachin Jambur

Lisa Oberding

Kushan WickRamarachchi

John Whitbread

- Lorna Hayden
- Warren Kreway
- Dustin Hall
- Masooma Tahir