Paul Oddsson

Lacombe Composite High School Robotics

Paul has extensive experience mentoring youth in experiential learning, education and employment. Beginning in 1989 with youth / young adults while studying at ACTS and Regent College, by 1996 Paul was Adult Education Director at Northview Community Church for five years. Since 1994 he has also run his own business, incorporating it in 2004. Over the course of his career Paul has worked with several technology companies that focused on robotics, automation and other emerging STEM fields.

Paul became a mentor because “ I believe in and want to support the passion and commitment to helping young people by 1.) identifying their career passion, 2.) helping acquire the knowledge and develop the skills to move in that direction with their education and work experience, and 3.) do all of the above within the context of teaching students character, confidence, gracious professionalism and a philanthropic outlook on life both personally and through their work.