MindFuel and geekStarter are proud to support student-driven teams from across Alberta as they pursue projects involving cutting edge STEM fields such as New Generation Robotics, Automation, Synthetic Biology and Nanotechnology. Through the geekStarter program, 8 middle and high school teams have been onboarded for the 2018-2019 season. Congratulations to all geekStarter teams and good luck on your projects! Read about their projects below!

Meet our 2019/20 geekStarter Teams and learn about the exciting projects they are working on.

United Robotics of Lacombe

Project: Wolf Robot

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Ted Harrison School

Project: Robotic Litter Picker

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Father Patrick Mercredi High School - Fort McMurray

Project: Bear Robot Decoy and other

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Queen Elizabeth High School - Edmonton

Project: Love-a-Lot Bear Exoskeleton

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Our Lady of the Snows - Canmore

Project: Autonomous Plastic Sorter

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Lester B Pearson High School - Calgary

Project: Robotics platform for fighting forest fires

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Notre Dame Collegiate Synthetic Biology - High River

Project: Breaking down fatbergs

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Lethbridge High School iGEM

Project: Detecting and treating bacterial infections

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Meet our 2019 Collegiate geekStarter Teams and learn about the exciting projects they are working on.

University of Calgary iGEM Team

iGEM Calgary 2019 has accepted the challenge of tackling the green seed problem.

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University of Alberta iGEM Team

Honeybees are key to Canada's economy and global food security. However, a fatal parasite called Nosema ceranae has become a pervasive issue for honeybees.

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University of Lethbridge iGEM Team

We propose the development of a recombinant algae strain called “Algulin” that produces either an ultrastable oral insulin analog or proinsulin peptides.

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