Lester B Pearson High School

Patriots Robotics

Project Summary

Within the goal of building a robotics platform to assist with forest fire management, the team has modified the parameters of their initial project to make their objectives more realistic. For the duration of this season they decided to focus on the the electronics and programming of their fire sensing robot. They will be utilizing an Arduino to prototype this system and the team has begun to research which Arduino board they will use as well as a host of compatible sensors (temperature, flame sensor, Humidity, barometer, GPS, and GMS cellular). Once the hardware portion is complete, the team will begin coding the board to communicate with the sensors and appropriate parsing of data. Finally, they will develop a communication protocol for GMS cellular communication to remotely transmit the data.
The team is re-evaluating their plans and are starting to realize that manufacturing a robotic chassis capable of navigating in the terrain may be a too ambitious goal for this year and they will probably be able to pursue it only next year.