CTF Projects

Some classes consist of students working on a single project, while most of the classes have taken the approach of letting students follow projects they are personally passionate about.

Sample Student Projects

  • Working with the Tuscany Club to create a space for local birds
  • An app that helps people match clothes to make them look presentable
  • A shoe that charges your phone based on kinetic energy
  • Wheelchair to help people play sports
  • Video game sampler/vending machine
  • Exotic fruit farm
  • Self writing/voice command pen
  • Ocean cleaning contraption
  • Contact lens that takes photos
  • Multipurpose shoes / interchangeable soles
  • Solar powered backpack for charging electronics
  • Computer game to teach multiplication
  • Deconstruction of snacks to incorporate more healthy options
  • Reconstructing a space on campus to unite community
  • Digital literacy and how to be a responsible digital citizen
  • Creating a chip to regulate pets health
  • Starting a school program to provide clothing for the homeless
  • Creating the perfect hot chocolate to bring community together

Project: Eco-Friendly Home

Project: Dance to Reduce Anxiety

Project: Self- Writing Pen

Project: Making Salsa

Project: Community Bird Sanctuary