Queen Elizabeth High School, Edmonton

The Exobotics Project

Project Summary & Updates

Hi there! We’re Queen Elizabeth Exobotics, and we’re working on a humanoid exoskeleton that can be made with 3D printing technology, and other fairly inexpensive and readily available supplies. Our goal is to create a working prototype of a balancing, walking, comfortable and controllable piece of assistive hardware that is easy to put on, wear, and use.

We are starting our project with redesigning last year’s exoskeleton, and building using the learnings from last year. Our first step is to rebuild the exo into something that is easy to put on and take off, and from there we will start working on active balancing. After balancing we will work on creating a controlled set of movements, and after that will be user controlled, adaptive motion.

Our process so far has been to have team talk where we list questions and needs for the project, and develop working problems out of these. We then break into smaller teams to tackle these problems, and bring possible solutions back to the group. We are working with some excellent mentors, and are very much looking forward to all the problems we get to work on solving!

March 2020 Update

So far we've gone through several iterations of exoskeleton parts, and are currently working on version 3. This version includes a multiple axis hip joint, to allow for a more natural gait and balancing features. Version 4 is being planned, and will include a passive ankle system, and the ability to rotate the legs inward and outward, also for a more natural gait and balance.

Sensor work is progressing through to its 3rd version. So far we've got multiple ultrasonic sensors working, and we are currently exploring infrared and colour sensors. The goal for now is to get our exoskeleton to follow a line on the floor using colour sensors, and to stop safely using a distance sensor.