Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy – Canmore

OLS SynBio Team

Project Summary

The 2019 OLS SynBio team is investigating the area of prosthetic devices. When an extremity has been lost, prosthetic devices play a vital role in the recovery process. Artificial limbs allow increased mobility and functionality.

The field of prostheses is ever changing and it is the goal of the OLS SynBio team to improve the use of prosthetic devices using synthetic biology. The OLS SynBio team is investigating several different ways in which synthetic biology may further the field of prostheses:

1) Students are interested in using bacteria to help robotic components or controls interface with living tissue.

2) Students are investigating how to solve pain that may result from neuromas, where nerves have been severed in limbs.

3) Students are researching how synthetic biology may assist in reducing pain and increase the speed of skin grafting.

4) Osteo-integration is also an area of interest. This new field of prosthetic devices involves a device being implanted/attached directly to the bone.

5) Lastly, students are interested in preventing scar tissue formation, or degrading Scar tissue in prosthetic users.

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