Luke Saville

Team mentor, iGEM High School Team at University of Lethbridge, Synthetic Biology

Luke is a third year undergraduate student at The University of Lethbridge pursuing his BSc. Biochemistry. He has a keen interest in synthetic biology and molecular biology. Beyond mentoring in iGEM, Luke also participates in research, exploring the role of non-coding RNAs in Alzheimer’s disease. Luke signed up to be a geekStarter mentor because he highly enjoy STEM outreach and education.

“I am very passionate about new discoveries in science and enjoy being in the presence of hard-working scientist. GeekStarter is a leader in STEM outreach in Alberta. Being able to take part in the development of Alberta’s scientific sector and its partnering with industry gives me great excitement. I am very grateful to be a mentor this year and look forward to witnessing everyone’s success as they further develop their passions”.