Ethan Agena

Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy SynBio

Ethan is a fourth-year chemical engineering student at the University of Alberta. As an iGEMer for several years now, he is fascinated by the potential applications of biological technologies.

“I first got involved in the geekStarter program through my participation in the 2016 iGEM Competition. Since that iGEM season and with the support of geekStarter, I’ve learned about many exciting technologies and research programmes in synbio and met inspiring peers and mentors! Through these experiences, the mission of the geekStarter program really resonated with me. So, I decided to become a mentor as helping other students get the same exposure to emerging fields is important to me and important to our Alberta’s future!”

Aside from school and lab work, Ethan is currently exploring process safety as a co-op student in the energy industry.