Micah Louison

Ted Harrison School Robotics

Micah is the 25 year old founder of the start-up Home In A Bag. His entrepreneurship journey started after entering the concept for Home In A Bag into a business idea pitch competition. The inspiration for Home In A Bag came from a reality that Micah experienced at the age of eight after his birthplace of Grenada was devastated by a Category 5 hurricane, causing his family to move to Canada.

At the start of Micahs entrepreneurial journey he was fortunate enough to have had mentors that were instrumental in providing insight into some of the unseen challenges that come from entrepreneurship and allowed Micah to consider what he was doing in a decisive a critical way, allowing me to overcoming the hurdles that come with building a tech startup.

“The mentorship I received, resulted in more effective entrepreneurship decisions, and presented the opportunity that allowed me to be featured by the United Nations in their inspiring youth day. I've learned that most of the critical thinking and problem solving skills I have learned through entrepreneurship can be transferable into multiple fields including all STEM fields, in relation to group projects and activities. Working with geekStarter provides a unique opportunity for me to share some of the tools and skill sets I have learned to the next generation, on their journey to impact our society in a positive way”