Dia Koupantsis

Lethbridge High School SynBio

Dia is a third-year undergraduate student at The University of Lethbridge pursuing her BSc. in Biology. She is interested in synthetic biology and molecular biology. She is a member of the collegiate iGEM team and a mentor for the Lethbridge HS iGEM team. Beyond mentoring in iGEM, Dia has a keen interest in RNA-based research and she works on a biophysical study to determine the structure of human long coding LincRNA-p21.

“I believe GeekStarter will play an extraordinary role in STEM outreach. I am very grateful to be a mentor and I love being there to help other passionate individuals succeed in their dream. I am excited to see how new innovative ideas in the STEM community are going to affect the world. I especially enjoy working with young minds and I am always impressed by their creativity and determination.”