Robert Mayall

Team mentor, Notre Dame Collegiate in High River, Synthetic Biology

Robert is a scientist with a background in Chemistry, Biology and Nanoscience. By day he works as a PhD student at the University of Calgary to create the next generation of sensors for military applications. Outside of the University, Robert is a Co-Founder of FREDsense Technologies, a startup company using genetic engineering to commercialize portable sensors for water quality monitoring.

He became a mentor to give back to the community that first sparked his interest in research and product development. Robert says of being a mentor “I started being a mentor to geekStarter teams because of how much my experience with iGEM changed my life. Without the support that was provided to me during that program I wouldn’t have been equipped to pursue my Ph.D. program, to co-found a company, or to have had so many wonderful opportunities to meet like-minded people from all over the world”.