Ted Harrison School

The Colitter-Bot Project

Project Summary & Updates

We, the TedBots design thinking group 2019-2020 from Ted Harrison school are made up of 7 students. We plan to create a garbage collecting robot which we call “Colliter-bot.” We plan for this robot to support communities, parks, and other open areas in moving towards a cleaner environment. Currently, we are moving towards understanding the requirements of our different roles (marketers, coders, and builder) which helps us divide and conquer.

December Update
In December, we started to learn the basics of a robotic car. We are using the Elegoo robotic car kits. We are learning about the motors and how you can assemble this to help us with our project. Some of us have started to learn basic coding. We are learning how to code in Python. In the future, we will be learning how to use the Arduino language.

January Update
In January, we continued working with the Elegoo robotic car kits. Also, we intend to use python as our main coding language. If we need to, we will use Arduino language as well. We have been working on a survey, which will be finalized and sent out to our potential customers by the end of this month to get feedback. We also started to look into and learn the Arduino Language. After Robotic car kits, we will start to learn the basics of the camera.

February Update
In February, we have been working more within python using codecademy. Our builders have started to work on a robotic arm. At the beginning of February, the whole group learned how to use the camera. We are becoming more comfortable with our different roles (marketers, coders, and builders), which helps us divide and conquer.