United Robotics of Lacombe


Project Summary

United Robotics of Lacombe (URL) 2019 has decided to address the issue of security due to invaders on a Farmers Fields. To achieve this, URL is designing and building a Robotic Wolf Dog that can detect and deter invaders as well as notify the farmer of invaders.

Our Robotic Wolf Dog will utilize the following systems:
The Robotic Wolf Dog will contain a robotic frame with four wheels representing the legs, a RoboRio Control system, a “fur” coat covering a plexiglass backbone, and a stuffed dog’s head.

- The Wolf Dog will contain the following sensors and devices:
- Facial Recognition camera that can detect different objects
- Speaker box able to make a variety of sounds such as barking, human voices, or ultrasonic sounds.

A wifi transmitter for communication between the Wolf Dog and a central control system in the farmer’s home that can communicate with the IR fence as well as the farmer’s device(Phone)
Two flashing lights that will be placed as eyes in the wolf dog’s head
IR fence covering the perimeter of the property they wish to protect.

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