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Starting in January 2021, geekStarter programming is offered through MindFuel's Tech Futures Challenge

About geekStarter

Our program engages students in finding impactful real-world challenges, and building solutions based in emerging Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. The project-based learning experience encourages entrepreneurial thinking and includes hands-on workshops and skill-building events.

Our program supports teams’ participation in prestigious competitions where students can share their real-world projects with other young scientists and entrepreneurs, as well as with leaders in STEM.

We make STEM Learning relevant and fun!

geekStarter engages students in solving authentic real-world problems using Design Thinking methodologies and cutting-edge Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) tools.

  • New generation Robotics
  • Automation & Machine Learning
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Computer Programming & Coding
  • Nanotechnology
  • Artificial Intelligence

Meet our 2019/20 geekStarter teams and learn about their exciting projects

Meet our 2019/20 geekStarter teams and learn about the exciting projects they are working on.


  • I was part of iGEM because I really loved doing genetic engineering and working in a project-based environment. I was looking for industrial applications of the processes to help specifically with sustainability in terms of being entrepreneurially minded. It would be my vision to apply those relatively recent fields to a more industrial and broad application.

    Alina Arvisais 2013-16 geekStarter, OLS
  • The workshops and pre-competition jamborees organized by geekStarter provide intensive learning opportunities for our students, and real-world opportunities to practice new skills, connect with like-minded young scientists, and “do” real science. These opportunities are not easily recreated within the school!

    Luc Arvisais OLS Team Advisor
  • Great exposure to entrepreneurship - a great opportunity to meet & hear from young biotech
    companies and understand their challenges/experience. There is no other comparable experience for
    young people interested in entrepreneurship! A great opportunity to starting networking and ideating.

    Jessica Puurunen StartUp Workshop, Our Lady of the Snows Team Advisor
  • It was interesting to see multiple generations of synbio high school teams, collegiate teams,
    and judges who now work in the synthetic biology business field as professionals. It made the
    pursuit of synbio seem real and exciting.

    Harry Wilton - Clark aGEM collegiate participant, UoC, Calgary
  • Students come to know about challenges to be an entrepreneur. How to deal with those challenges, how
    to pitch your idea for getting into market. The future of technology and merit/demerits of robotics & AI were well discussed with experts of the field.

    Nexus Robotics Team Advisor Robotics workshop participant, Calgary
  • This workshop exposes students to diverse STEM topics and fundamentals of project building.
    These opportunities help students in career interests and team work that may be limited until post-

    Lethbridge High School Team Advisor High School Jamboree workshop participant, Lethbridge